Inclusive innovation

Robotisation and digital technology are changing our perception of work. As Inclusive Fieldlab we choose to see technology as an opportunity rather than a threat. We work on inclusive innovation together with our 1000+ employees with a distance to the labour market.

We distinguish amongst:

Technological innovation
(physical, cognitive, process)

Social innovation

Why are we doing this?

The projects of the Inclusive Fieldlab promote:

Promoting these factors helps creating a more sustainable environment for our work and our employees. This results in fairer opportunities at the regular labour market.

How are we doing this?

For our Fieldlab we look at (technological) tools used in other sectors which are not yet applied in ours. We introduce these new technologies to your employees and develop new methods to expand their learning potential.

Currently, we are testing our Smart Beamer, Cobot and Exoskeleton in several business units. We share the knowledge gathered through these processes with other companies, organisations and researchers. Because of this we are able to bring our innovations to the next level and help others create social impact.

By doing this we promote the resilience of our employees. We encourage curiosity and promote autonomy and flexibility. This way, we make work accessible for our people and of this we are proud.

Next step

The next step is the realization of a physical Fieldlab.

About the Amfors Group

Amfors is the sheltered employment organization in the region of Amersfoort. Amfors offers work to over 1050 employees with a (large) distance to the labour market. We stimulate and support the development of our employees so that they can enter the regular labour market, or work at one of our business units (green, cleaning, wrapping, metalwork or assembly) to the best of their abilities.

Each of our employees has their own story. Providing customisation is therefore essential for our people. Would you like to know more? Please visit

Working together

Are you interested in working with us or are you looking for more information, don't hesitate to contact us. We are always looking for new partners to work on social innovation!