Coaching in the workplace

A person centred approach to coaching people at a great distance from the labour market.


We develop and implement a new coaching standard – called Coaching at the workplace – for our team leaders. This standard for leadership is adapted for and by practical education professionals, and developed with and for people of our target population. Team leaders at Amfors have an essential role in aiding the skill development of their employees required for a regular job. The method Coaching at the workplace provides clear tools to guide this development. In this project we work together with partner organisations such as social enterprise Pantar, research and training institute ZINZIZ and researchers from De Beleidsonderzoekers.

This project is a part of the subsidy programme ‘Vakkundig aan het Werk’ from ZonMw.


At Amfors and Pantar there is a need for a universal standard for development-oriented leadership. A variety of methodologies, guidelines and training courses for conversation techniques specified on behavioural change is available within our sector. A practical guide for applying certain techniques at a social enterprise is, however, missing. We aim to develop this practical guide by translating available tools to fit the workplace of employees with a distance to the regular labour market.


We are developing the methodology ‘Coaching at the Workplace’, which is based on evidence-based motivational interviewing, together with ZINZIZ and Pantar. To ensure the methodology we develop is applicable in a broader setting than exclusively ours, we collaborate with several partners, amongst them other social workplaces, social enterprises and local governments.

Next step

At the moment, the project is in full swing. All team leaders at Amfors, and a few of Pantar, are training to apply the methodology. The start of 2020 is characterised by theme meetings and interventions, focusing on a more in depth understanding of the methodology. Halfway 2020, we will bring the methodology to the next level.


In this project we work with several partners and knowledge institutions. Are you interested, and would you like to stay up to date on recent developments? Please contact our project leader. The project ends in November 2020.


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