Smart Beamer

I can do more now than I already could.


The Smart Beamer is an Operator Support System where multiple technologies are combined. Amfors won an award with this at the Dutch Design Week in 2017. With the help of TNO and their research we are implementing this technique within the assembly process at Amfors.


At Amfors we apply the Smart Beamer to support people with greater cognitive impairments. Because of the beamer they are able to perform more complex assembly-tasks. This offers them the possibility to work more independently, make fewer mistakes and develop new skills. The Smart Beamer offers a unique opportunity to invest in the potential of our employees directly.


The Smart Beamer is supported by a frame so it can be placed above an assembly desk. The beamer projects instructions onto the desk to help an employee with a series of assembly tasks. The Smart Beamer gives immediate feedback when an assembly part is taken from the wrong tray.

Next step

We are integrating the Smart Beamer into our production company. We are also working on the adaptivity of the working instructions so that they better match the level and learning potential of our employees.

Project leader: Anouk van den Ende


Working together

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