Travis the Translator

Understanding each other at crucial moments


Travis the Translator is a translation computer that is able to speak 155 languages. The device is based on seven translation machines, such as Google Translate and Bing Translator.


At the workplace, employees are stimulated to speak Dutch. However, some employees experience communicational barriers when discussing tough or sensitive topics with for example their manager, supervisor and/or the business psychologist. When having these conversations it is essential that all parties understand each other well.


Travis offers a solution in these situations by largely removing language barriers. A small device, with a huge impact. Our employees feel understood and can express themselves in their native language. This innovation stimulates workers to be more interconnected than ever before.

Next step

Within the Inclusive Fieldlab we use the Translator in practice. We explore the possibilities this innovation has to offer, and see how this knowledge can be shared within the different company units.

Project leader: Anouk van den Ende

Working together

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