Privacy Statement

Amfors respects the privacy of those involved and handles personal data in a secure manner. In this privacy statement we indicate which personal data Amfors processes, what we use them for and with whom we share them. We adhere to the laws and regulations that apply to the use and storage of personal data. In processing agreements we state how we handle the personal data and in what way they are secured.

What personal data do we process?

We use personal data in the context of the implementation of the Sheltered and Supported Employment (SW) Act. We process contact details, but also data regarding housing and living conditions, income, education, and data relating to employment. In certain cases we also process medical data.

For what purpose do we process personal data?

We use this data to ensure an appropriate match between employees and their jobs.

Are we allowed to process personal data?

Amfors enforces the Sheltered and Supported Employment (SW) Act on behalf of the municipalities of Amersfoort, Baarn, Bunschoten, Leusden, Soest and Woudenberg. We guide residents of these municipalities with a SW-indication to live as independently as possible through work and development. To perform these legal duties, we need to have access to personal data. This is laid down in various laws. If at exceptional cases Amfors decides to use personal data in a manner different from that stated at the time it was collected, Amfors will ask for permission. We will only do so if there is a legal ground for using this data. In addition to enforcing the Sheltered and Supported Employment (SW) Act, Amfors also carries out processes and projects on behalf of the participating municipalities. The personal data of the participants that are involved in these processes is treated in the same way as personal data from the SW employees.

With which partiers do we share your personal data?

In a number of cases we provide information to organizations such as municipalities, the Tax Authorities and the UWV (Employee Insurance Agency). We will disclose your personal information only if we are required to do so by law. Amfors does not share personal data with countries outside the European Union or international organizations, unless there is a compelling legitimate reason for doing so. Certain tasks are performed by third parties, such as the payroll administration and IT-related tasks. We hereby adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and conclude a processing agreement. This agreement sets out the terms and conditions considering the purpose of exchanging data and the requirements that must be met when exchanging data.

How long do we keep personal data?

Personal data is not kept longer than legally required. The retention of personal data is necessary in order to be able to perform our duties properly or to comply with legal obligations.

How do we protect personal data?

We handle personal data with care and we treat this data confidentially. For example, personal data is only processed by employees with confidentiality obligations and exclusively for the purpose for which the data was collected. In addition, we ensure appropriate protection of personal data.

The right to view, modify or delete data

Everyone from whom we have personal data has the right to view this data and to have this data corrected or deleted. In order to access your personal data, you will have to contact our Data Protection Officer. After submitting a request for inspection, you receive the following information:

• Whether personal data is used, and if so:

• The purpose of processing personal data;

• The categories of personal data;

• Third parties to whom personal data may have been provided;

• The retention period of personal data.

The applicant will receive a response within 4 weeks.

Are we not using the correct data or is the data incomplete? Then we can adjust, supplement or possibly delete data on request. In addition, one can also ask general questions, report on or object to the use of personal data by Amfors. This request can be submitted in writing or by e-mail. To this end, the applicant must identify him- / herself in an appropriate manner. We will process this request within 4 weeks.

Do you have questions or complaints?

Do you have questions or complaints? For questions or complaints about this Privacy Statement, you can contact our Data Protection Officer via Enable JavaScript to view protected content..

Working together

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